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Change the world, one wash at a time!

We’re here for sensitive scalp and frizzy hair that’s hard to tame.

We’re here for dry and damaged manes.

We’re here for extraordinary skincare, and everything in between.

We’re here to provide sustainable, simplified and effective skin, hair and body care products that won’t break the bank.

Our planet deserves the best, so do you.

When you support our products, you also support the cause and what we stand for.

Let's make a difference and shape the world we want to live, together.


Our Founder's Note

Hello, my Fine friends, I’m Nic founder of fineaubasics!

 Wondering how it all began?

Well, it all started with my daughter.

 As a new mum exhaustion hit hard. It only escalated after curveball number one – her autism diagnosis. Curveball two? A non-verbal child with extreme skin sensitivities and no way to communicate. Meltdowns and sleepless night followed – it took a toll on me and left me feeling like I wasn’t enough. 

Countless doctor visits & temporary relief in steroid-based creams was short-lived and did nothing long term, but developing an even wider range of sensitivities – even to water, Yes water! – it was so bad we ended up rushing her to Emergency. 

Something has to change.

Developing the product...

Frustration turned to determination, I dug deep and used my Chemical Engineering background to scrutinise the ingredients in the products we were using – shocked (but not surprised!) of the nasties and irritants, from sulphates, SLS, phthalates, to artificial fragrance… you name it.

They say you’ll never know what’s in a product unless you make it so I started making a list of possible triggers and what I could used instead – after numerous trials, I made a bar that is soap-free, non-drying, nasties-free and has a pH that is matching the skin. The result is unbelievably gentle – we finally found a solution to our chaos.

The chaos and the calm is what's bring it all together.

My daughter has since more calm and enjoyed what she loves and deeply connected the most – things living, moving, calming aka nature and the wild outdoors!

I never intended to be in the business, entrepreneur isn’t ingrained in my DNA – our bars are crafted purely for family use to eliminate toxic products and plastic waste.

And then in 2021, I was diagnosed with multiple cancer. With numerous surgeries and endless treatment, it truly was my darkest time. But only in the darkness will you see what truly matters with better clarity.

Building this start-up from the ground up was never easy – the overwhelm can sometimes feel like crushing. There are other times I feel like giving up, but knowing the positive impact our products can have to other people and to the planet outweighs all the challenges.

We are sticking to what we are doing because we are sticking to a healthier body and happier planet.

And I invite you to stick around with us in this feat.

Let’s face the challenges, frustrations and wins – and, together, let’s start to shape the world we want to live.

Let’s get on in this journey and go back to the fine(au)r basics,

Nic xx