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Wonder what happens with your bottle after you bin it?

500 years - that’s how long it takes for a single plastic bottle to decompose.

Only 9% of recyclable plastics are being recycled

This number needs to be higher. With hard plastics hanging around forever, we need to shift and #unplastic. 

Our range of products allows you to shop sustainably without compromising on quality. 

Get rid of the countless plastic bottles in your shower (most of which don’t work either!) and help the planet when you choose to #unplastic, our range is a great way to start.

Here's how you choose is making a impact.

Stop 6 plastics from being made, taking out of the harm's way

Save 5 litres of water

Can grow a plant

Sustainability shouldn’t stop at the product. Everything that goes into creating a product, including the packaging, must be considered. We’ve worked hard to create a product that actually benefits the environment - instead of just reducing waste - in its entirety.  

Our product take care both of your home - your body & the planet. 

  • Clean and green plant-based ingredients sourced mostly from renewable feedstock and readily biodegradable, making it kind to your body and gentle on our planet.
  • Packaging that’s designed not only to eliminate single-use plastic but to eliminate plastic full stop. 
  • Refills come in compostable, plantable* (the gift that keeps on giving!) boxes and our reusable bottle is made from 100% recycled aluminium bottles. 
  • Water is eliminated in all our products, saving significant amounts from process to product and application. 
  • Our parcel comes without fillers instead we used cloth bags that can be infinitely repurposed.

What we've done.

We’re working hard to make the world a better place. So far, we have: 

  • Adopted a coastal community in the Philippines where we’ve made a mini forest and planted 50,000 mangrove trees in an area most vulnerable to rising sea levels.  
  • Completed a coastal clean up which removed 20 tons of waste.
  • Donated part of our proceeds to a local orphanage in the Philippines to support the most disadvantaged but beautiful souls we’ve ever met.
  • We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant two trees after every purchase. At the checkout, customers can choose anywhere in the world for their trees to be planted.
  • 5% of our profits are set aside to aid projects with First Nations people. 
  • For every three refill packs purchased, we include the forever aluminium bottle.
  • Our pack size is only 100 grams, but due to its concentrated nature, you can make as many as 140 washes, taking up to six plastic bottles out of harm's way.

Where we're going.

The journey doesn’t end there! Here are some of the other projects we’ve got in the works: 

  • We continually support One Tree Planted mission of reviving world's green canopies.
  • We’ve partnered with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and will donate $1 from every sale and up to 10% of our annual profits to help protect Earth's biggest life form structure. 
  • We've also partnered with Carbon Positive Australia restoring Australian biodiverse habitats.
  • We will lift plastics from waterways in partnership with Clean Ocean Initiatives.
  • We’re organising a project to rehabilitate the reef in the Philippines and empower the local community to protect their natural environments as their life and livelihood depends on it.
  • Due to the success we’ve seen in our mangrove planting, we plan to replicate this in Kiribati, Indonesia and parts of Africa.